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— by fredvs fredvs
fauri wrote
Well... The pieces don't disappear anymore, but they are sounding strange now (being cutted). I remember that issue occured in the firsts releases of simpledrums demo.
Did you try last release 82fd8ae  ?

I have try with Win10 64/32 bit and on my netbook it works perfectly, from 50 ms (and less) to 200 ms (and more).

For Win10, like in SimpleDrums demo, a endless-muted input is needed. This because Win10 has a (strange) way to work: when the audio drivers does not receive any samples, it is set in "sleep" mode.
And this make synchro not working (it takes time to wake-up the driver).
The solution is to associate a endless input so the audio driver is not set in "sleep" mode when the wave-file has terminated.

@ other uos users: is the demo SimpleDrums working for you ?