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Re: Any news about synchronization issues?
— by fredvs fredvs
Phoenix wrote
I'm not an expert but it seems to me okay
Win10 64bit e Laz 1.6.4 64bit FPC 3.0.2
Ha. ok thanks for testing.

Phoenix wrote
After split the Execute () method...
In DoTerminateNoFreePlayer();
is missing:

   isfirst := true;
   {$IF DEFINED(portaudio)}
   for x := 0 to high(StreamOut) do
    if (StreamOut[x].Data.HandleSt <> nil) and
       (StreamOut[x].Data.TypePut = 1) then

It solved a problem for Win10!
Normally it must not be there, the pa_stream has not to be stopped, but now that AddFromEndlessMuted() does endless input, for synchronizing there is no more problem at end of thread (because it never ends !).

But, ok, I will re-enable isfirst := true +   Pa_StopStream in DoTerminateNoFreePlayer().

Huh, what problem for Win10 do you encounter if this is not set ?